The time is now

With the Government of Alberta extending to 2018 its agreement with Axia NetMedia for provision of enhanced, open-access network services, the time has never been better for a thorough exploration of the issues, barriers and solutions for bringing true broadband capacity to residences, businesses and institutions in every community in Alberta.  A timely spearheading of this policy initiative, the Alberta Digital Futures Symposium will provide practical, go-forward clarity and momentum for communities, industry, researchers and governments looking to take digital infrastructure investment to the next level.

Digital Future Focus Areas

Symposium participants will be sharing insights and discussing the myriad issues having to do with where the technology is today, what’s emerging tomorrow, and what are the barriers and solutions for helping rural communities envision and realize their place in the digital future.  More than just collegial brainstorming, community reps will come away from these sessions with a working network of ideas and contacts for turning visions into reality in their local contexts.

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Talk is just talk until someone takes the initiative and puts structure and accountability around plans to invest in and derive the most from your local talent and digital infrastructure projects.  Participants in this symposium stream will hear from research experts and other rural communities who have cracked the code on capturing and leveraging the talents and efforts in the community in building the vision, and then drafting and executing plans for realizing that vision.

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Advanced technology is not a build-it-and-they-will-come proposition.  Communities need deep awareness of both the economic and social dynamics at play in forging sustainable business models, and in creating the conditions for culture of use to take hold.  Participants in this stream will share best practices and generate insight for communities looking for integrated and consensus-based solutions to driving productive uptake of digital infrastructure in their local contexts.

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